ribbon cable assemblies

Cable Assembly

We make cable assemblies for many industries. If you have a drawing or sample we are happy to quote.

Materials for cable assemblies that we make can be free issued by yourselves, or we can supply them as a package.

Suggestions are offered, if requested, on how to improve the look and manufacture of cable assemblies/ wiring looms.

Testing of all cables is a standard procedure.

  broadcast cable assemblies

Examples of some of the cable assemblies we have made:

  • Video Assemblies BNC - BNC.
  • D types, including high density.
  • Ribbon assemblies
  • Cable looms to customer specifications.
  • Computer cables.
  • XLR'S, Jackplugs, Phono's, etc.
  • Hirose - Hirose Edac Assemblies.
  • RGB Assemblies.
  • Krones

Cable assemblies are provided for a small or large volume, if you have cable assembly requirements we would be happy to discuss them with you.

  multiple ribbon cable assembly

We have a variety of crimping tools, etc. We will also purchase specific tooling when a new product or order require it

We also have a cutting machine which enables us to easily cut cables accurately, giving constant cable lengths, therefore also reducing costs.

We also supply cables cut, numbered and terminated one end for installation purposes.

We make every effort to maintain a standard of neatness and meet deadlines and we have, and will, work late to finish any order.