cable installation in progress

Broadcast Studio and Facility House Equipment Rack & Wiring Installations

AB Cable and Wiring are the perfect choice for Broadcast Studio and Facility House equipment rack wiring installation.

Firstly we visit our customer, or our customers visit us, to discuss a project. Some of our customers will email drawings or schedules and we will do the rest.

Most of our Broadcast Studio and Facility House customers do not have space for cutting cables and having staff on site, therefore we pre-build off site as much as possible. This means we can delivery all pre-built and cabled racks to site for a hassle free installation.

  cable run installation

As a bonus, if the builder is late with the project time can be made up off site.

This includes pre-built Broadcast Studio and Facility House equipment racks at our premises in Andover. We can also accommodate engineers who wish to test the equipment racks before delivering to site.

On site we will install and fit equipment racks together, place interconnecting cables, fit shelves, blanks and equipment, often working alongside commissioning engineers.

When an installation is confirmed and we receive a purchase order, we can start work immediately. We usually go to site, measure and discuss all requirements with the customer, return to base and start work ASAP. This means if you still have the builders/electricians working we can be building the equipment racks and cutting cables ready to be installed.

  video editing desk installation in progress

This enables you to be on time with an installation or make up lost time for overdue schedules.

We have also completed Outside Broadcast Vehicle installations. We will wire everything from mains to the mixer desk.

We install CAT 5 / CAT 5E / CAT 6 / Thin Ethernet computer cables to the latest spec. and wire points to walls. We have approved Maxam installers.

We also install fibre optic cables on site, but we normally buy these to customer spec with the ends pre-terminated.