ribbon cable assemblies

Quality Assurance

AB Cable and Wiring work to published standards of QA for the Broadcast Industry.

Although AB Cable and Wiring have not officially adopted industry standards, Clients that have adopted BSI/ISO practices, already have the necessary procedures setup. We, as a subcontractor to the Client, comply to their assembly and test procedures.

We gain customer approval by allowing customers to check our production methods, procedures and tooling etc.

  test station and pat tester

As a matter of course, all production processes are visually checked, and all wiring tested point to point using Automatic Test Equipment. We also carry out any additional sequences to customer request/specification.

PATS & Banair Testing

Mains cables are PATS tested. Other cables are tested for continuity, short and open circuit failure.

AB Cable and Wiring use a Banair computerised test equipment. This kit 'learns' from a proven test piece, and all subsequent items are tested to this.

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